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You asked for it next dose yesterday Brampton forks arrived at factory complete and painted, back to the bench by this time Frank the storeman had arrived with stacks of ex war dept wooden ammo boxes with Lids open one full of seat stays. tap top hole 3/8 BSF''' only use plug tap tapper, tap hits the bottom of the hole and james pressed in G90 bushes with the aid of the vice yes I had a vice on the bench put webbing linings in to FT17s would be easy these days with super glue. with the stuff I was given Osotite took 24 hrs to set job finished next boxs full of rear springs and SP1/1 claws place claw in vice wind spring on to repete other end then place whole spring in vice tap claw home with a drift now put you hand in to a tub of grease wipe on to springs then try to put them into spring boxes big mess after clean up put in ends SP4 job done early boxes painted top and bottom later bottoms cadd plated. next boxs full of parts for chain adjusters de burr and assemble no problems. thats your dose for today :D