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Just recieved another PM asking what I did at the Factory I will start this way first few weeks was taken to a bench piled up with UFMs RFMs and cycle parts fresh from the paint shop given drawings and a box of taps and told to re tap all holes removing paint thats how I remember all threads (it is like your army number you never forget)next drilling the mills pin hole in the Brampton forks EI48 now a funny story I was a small lad of 14 was standing on a wooden box forks under my left arm at the pederstal drill I think my third pair when the well dressed portly gentleman came up to me a said stop the finance Director Frank Walker he went in to Ted Hampshire office (foremen of the cycle assembly) Ted came up very red face and gave me another job, if you want some more of this let me know I dont want to bore David.


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These are great! This is the kind of stuff that needs to be archived.Keep it up.
Maybe you could do one a could be my night time story!:D

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David's stories

David - you are getting a fan club. Aren't we lucky to share the experiences of one who was there.

Thanks David.