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For Sale Vincent Black Knight 1955 Series 'D' 1000cc Enclosed Model with Steib Sidecar

Graham Smith

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A rare vincent black knight 1955 series D 1000cc the enclosed model complete with steib sidecar - all the frame & engine numbers are correct & original - i recently found a complete tool roll concealed under the rear lift up section - this bike & sidecar has been dry stored & covered since the late '70's & has not been in circulation since then, it has been oiled & turned over every now & again, the brightwork has been sprayed with wd40 type sprays over the years which has protected it nicely, i have owned it for a few years now as it belonged to my late father before that, i have the v5c in my name - contact me on 07811570635 or 01407831450 at sensible hours to arrange viewing etc.Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 23.57.14.jpgScreenshot 2020-01-04 at 23.57.08.jpgs-l1600.jpgs-l1600-7.jpgs-l1600-6.jpgs-l1600-5.jpgs-l1600-4.jpgs-l1600-3.jpgs-l1600-2.jpgs-l1600-1.jpg


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Timing chest and gearbox are not black, but the gear indicator is! The bar end mirrors are not like any I have seen. When did the ubiquitous Stadium bar end mirror hit the market?

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