Vincent Black Chopper


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Howdy Chaps,

Sorry for the new thread, forum access privaledges prevent replying to the original. Somer H hosts a casual Vincent gathering on monday nights every year at Daytona Bike Week and this machine made its initial appearance at that event two years ago. Pictures do not convey how low and long (and loud) this piece is....nor how difficult it is too kick over a big twin when leaned over 45 degrees on a small prop stand with the breathless rider bent at the waist 90 degrees preparing to heave ho.

But on this occassion, once finally started before a rapt audience, with a thunderous roar, the rider lit out WOT with the front wheel barely skimming the pavement, speed shifting as he went only to pass before the unblinking eye of the overzealous Daytona gendarmes waiting in a dark alley down the street. A collective groan from the assembled accompanied the onset of sirens and blue lights fully aware of this chap's fate when merely blipping your throttle - or God forbid, chirping a rear tire - on Main st warrants an immediate $100 fine.

Departing the restaurant, we all filed somberly past the scene as in funeral procession where not one but two coppers were dressing him down . But, lo and behold, when enountered the next day, turned out he only got a ticket for a tailight infraction. Seems even Daytona finest will show deference to this legendary lump over the "other" v-twin normally gracing your typical chopper.