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There are two YAHOO GROUPS which contain many articles of interest to Vincent people.
"veryoldbikes" and "stevenage world".
Some of these articles are hard to obtain elsewhere.
Contents listed below.
I regret the column misalignment - the result of putting new wine in old bottles.
I regret the length of this entry - but lacked the time to make it short.





Black Lightning Vincent Black Lightnings

French French Moto Revue. Road tests in 1940s & 1950s show the tremendous impact of and enthusiasm for the post war Vincent twins.

Harold Taylor ISDT Rapide sidecar outfit. Harold Taylor Special - see Photos section for large version photos in Album "Harold Taylor Special".

Ken Craven Also see LINKS for more of Ken Craven's articles.Click on "More" just below the main photo to display menu which includes 'LINKS'.

Names of people in Photos Books often have good photos but the people are not always named. Some names have been added by Jack Lazenby, to whom many thanks.

Norwegian Norwegian Articles in 1993 & English translations.

P.C.Vincent P.C.Vincent's articles, 1943 onwards.
For extra items on PCV see the Files Section of YAHOO Group . C Vincent/

P.E.Irving P.E.Irving articles, 1944 onwards.

Road Tests Gunga Din, Lightning, Shadow






Materials Materials of construction details. Includes BS L40 & RR56 & DTD 424.

Series B Rapide See Attachments Section for 1945 article "A Thrilling New Big-twin Rapide"

Frank Sinclair Sidecar racer in Australia. See Photos Section and Attachments Section.

Vincent HRD Works Photos See Photos Section

Alec F Corner Sidecar racer etc in Australia. Also see Photos Section.

Bob Satterly R H Satterly, Australia. See Photos Section for supercharged twin etc.

Marine Engine Marine/Lifeboat engines type T5AM/X. See

Montlhery Record Attempts 1952 attempts at 24 hour records in France. See Photos section for reports.

Ed Stevens EMGS. See Photos Section for photos 1940-1963.

Ken Bills

S.R.D.E. Generator Engine Based on twin Marine/Lifeboat engines. See

Picador Vincent engine used in target plane

Failures When things go wrong

Dennis Jenkinson

Gunga Din

Bill Hindes


Built for Speed


Series A Rapide See also Photos Section & Attachments Section.

To Italy by Black Shadow-1948 Trip on JRO102 to motor cycle factories in Italy.

P C Vincent For extra PCV articles see the Files section of YAHOO Group .

John Penn

Vincent HRD Works People 1

Alan Baker - Technical Editor of 'The Motor Cycle'

Tony Rose 100,000 miles Long term road test of Black Shadow by Tony Rose ending 1953.



1938 Series A Brochure - 2 files

Bob Chaplin and his Black Shadow KXH 967 - Parts 1 thru 4 - 9 files

Bob Chaplin and his Black Shadow KXH 967 - Big Sid Book - 3 files

The Frank Sinclair Story - pdf Attachments - Parts 1 thru 13A

199310 Series A Rapide Racer PAGES 1-4 New Attachments

19451206 Series B Rapide Description PAGES 1 thru 4