Vincent and euro norms


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Even if one does get a new bike made by godet or the vincent workshop , do these bikes comply with the current pollution norms ?


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So long as its passed somewhere somehow I for one would not worry there are many options especially if it done in France;), even in uk the VOCS new Vincent went to its test leaner than a starved cat, Certainly there are ways and I for one would have no conscience about it, After all most harmful pollution has been caused by the misguided attempts to clean up Diesel engines which rather than the black old soot of yester year now results in micro particles in the air that go straight into your lungs which cannot differentiate them. Ask my wife entreated by the Greens to buy a Diesel and now 5 years later faced with a ban on it in city's ,talking of which I see that London (where motorcycles contribute 1% to pollution) intends to charge old motorcycles the same amount of pollution charge as cars

Ken Tidswell

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there must be some French mechanism which allows the production of small numbers of non-homologated gadgets like old motorcycles, since noise and emissions from a carburetted beast like a Vin , clearly do not meet modern standards. Ask Patrick


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so who cares???
Unfortunately I believe someone "green" who wanted to make a name for themselves by demonizing old bikes, newly manufactured bikes based on old bikes, or re-manufactured old bikes, and anyone even remotely connected to any of the above.