Video of Burns and Wright on a Black Lightning - Swannanoa, NZ 1955


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Default Video of Burns and Wright on a Black Lightning - Swannanoa, NZ 1955
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Hi, I work at Avon tyres and was in contact with Graham Smith a few years ago when I found the footage of Rapide KYB 440 being used for testing on local roads near the factory in Melksham, UK; I think many of you have seen that as I let Graham have a copy.

I've posted a few more videos of films onto youtube that have been found in dark cupboards, this one I think you will enjoy; its Burns and Wright setting the 1955 land speed records for solo and sidecar, then Vic Willoughby riding the bike at Pendine Sands.

Hope you enjoy it.


Thanks for that. I've had it on Super Eight Film and a Beta tape for years......... It's good to see it again!
Cheers, John

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Doesn't the VOC still sell this video?


"Doesn't the VOC still sell this video?" asks litnman.

Well, looking at
the answer apears to be NO!

This seems odd, because although the video is now on YOUTUBE that is of limited help to those with a poor quality computer link.
A DVD would provide better quality pictures and could be used almost anywhere in the world.

There are now a lot of old films and videos on Vincents, so it would be nice if they could be collected onto DVDs.
They could then be accessed regardless of failures of computers or data links.
And not everyone has a computer.

PS If you wonder why this is a new message rather than a reply to the original posting, that is because the Forum only lets me do new posts, in spite of claiming otherwise.