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Misc: Everything Else VFR800 stands


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Bruce, have you tried adding some larger feet to the Hills stand?
I found that , as supplied, the small feet would punch into soft dirt and allow the bike to tip over.
Roughly doubling the size solved that problem. The chain side foot has to have a notch for the chain, so its a rectangle rather than square to keep the same surface area as the left side foot.
I made up a second stand like this for the other Rapide. Both work really well, very stable and still just an easy push down.
I don't miss having a side stand with the modified Hills and wouldn't use a side stand if it was there.For me, there isnt much point in packing the extra weight.

When compared to the stock stands however, the VFR stand looks like an excellent option.
I have one sitting here that was planned for the 49 Rapide. I must have been feeling energetic on the day that it was going to get fitted.
I looked at it then decided to build the centre stand instead. It definitely took more than 14 minutes to build and fit. It was an all day exercise.
The Hills stands are the one bargain remaining in the Vincent world!
They just need bigger feet.

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