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Vince Farrell

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Bank rates all over the world at historic lows, property prices falling, shares blitzed, bonds a waste of time and cash in the bank pays nothing. Here in the UK (trying to stimulate the economy) Gordon Brown is encouraging folks who can’t afford it to spend money on more crap they don’t need - the fact this caused the problem in the first place had passed him by.

So where can people who do have funds get value? How about looking ahead at your future requirements and spending some of it stocking up with Vincent spares. They will never be cheaper than now, so bits on the shelf have got to be better than money doing nothing in the bank. This will also give the Vincent manufacturers a bit of a lift in these hard times.

Vic Youel

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Exchange rates

Especially to those with US dollars or Euros. Remember a short time ago when you could get over $2 or €1.7 for £1 ?

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