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Value of a series 'C' Single


New Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Dear VOC,

Please could I have some help and advice, I am trying to convince a family member to sell one of the two Vincents he has.

He is in the VOC (Hence I am not signed in under my usual name.)

It is a very standard Touring Comet. However 30 years ago it was thrown down a road at speed and hit a few fast moving heavy objects on route....
Let us not beat around the bush the bike was very badly smashed up! (for example the tank has a dent in it about the size of a mango, the headlight is smashed, handlebars are bent there is a lot of rust...)

Since then it has been sat in the back of a a damp old shed to rot. - I guess he intended on oneday rebuilding it, but lacked the time, money, motivation or space so never has.

I am looking for an estimate of the mimimum bike value? What is the lowest you have seen a single sell for?
I have been looking all over the interent, on auction sites and classic bike sites with no luck.

Next time I am at the house I will check, but I believe it is all matching numbers, I will also find the age.

The reason I would love him to sell it is simple:
I said he has two bikes, the second is a twin, and has been off the road for 11 years after an engine blow up. Other than inside the engine, the bike is still in very good condition, as this bike has always been really well looked after and stored in the warm dry garage. I would love to see and hear him on it again and I am wondering if this sale would give him extra time, money and space to work on the twin. I will then always be around to provide the motivation!

Thank you



Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Let us assume that the front forks, upper frame member, steering head and rear frame triangle are still straight and that all that will be required is cosmetic work. Let us further assume that the engine will only require to be stripped, lubricated and assembled and that you will do all the work yourself then the cost of new parts will be about £1,000. At the moment petrol tanks are a problem, the headlight might be but there are plenty of alternative models, handlebars no problem then about £5k would be a fair price but note that a few years ago this would have bought you a Comet in good order. This sum should be more than enough to put his twin engine back into good order. Depending upon the closeness of your relationship and the ability of the pair of you to work with your own hands then an even lower price might be sensible and it would be nice to see two more bikes on the road. Good luck.


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
I think tt is being very generous (optimistic) with his reply. Going down the road at speed hitting objects and then being left in damp conditions does not bode well. Wheels, bearings, top and bottom links, headlight etc. I have recently conducted a thorough report on a crashed twin (in Australia) and came up with £5,000 of parts ......The labour value is dependent on your abilities to disassemble and assemble a Vincent; this is something not to be approached too lightly.. If the crash happened 30 years ago then I would say you have 2 options: 1. Part it out. Break it up into big lumps and sell them on e-bay. This is NOT the way to make friends in the VOC. 2. Put the whole bent, corroded, rusted lump on e-bay with plenty of photographs. You will get the best price and pay the least commission ..
Either way, you should end up with enough money to finance the engine rebuild of the twin. Unless you have a lot of ability and time I do not advise you start rebuilding/restoring it.
There, no definitive answer to your question because there really isn't one. It is worth what someone, on the day, is prepared to pay for it. Good luck.


New Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Thank you Timetraveller and albervin for your replies.

I was glad to hear you both agree that selling a single would make enough money to get a twin MOT'ed and back on the road. Other non motorcycle riding family members have been hastling him for years to sell both of them, however I believe this was because they just wanted the money.... This does not make my job any easier, as he will most likely have become stubborn on the topic by now.
This is now a good starting point to enter the talks with.

Timetraveller Thank you for your estimate, it is good to have a starting point. I had already had a very inexperianced figure in my head which was similar to yours (around £3.5k) as realistically it is a LOT of work!


If I suggested selling the bike in parts - I would be disowned and have my credibility lost for good!

The bike has to be sold as a single bike with V5c. Thank you for suggesting ebay, on most bike forums stuff for sale is slatted, however it does get the largest exposure...

Hopefully (if all goes well) you will see a broken comet for sale soon, and in the next couple of years a twin back on the road.


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Take the family member (and wife?) out to dinner and drinks and start at £3.500. Hope he agrees after a couple of drinks. Good luck. DJ

Tracey Tilley

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member

If you do persuade him, I'll buy it.
It will be restored and ridden.

As Chris has a Touring Rapide, we will have matching bikes.:)

Graham Smith

Forum Website Webmaster
VOC Member
VOC Forum Website Administrator
Anon - I hope you get on OK persuading your relative (whoever that may be ;-)) with the bike.

I reckon you deserve it.

By the way - I've worked out who you are, because I met you at Hever didn't I?!

Don't worry - your secret's safe.


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Dear Anon ,If I were you I would try and decide wether you want a concours bike or a rideable one, and make a fairly detailed list of the bits you think may be needed ,then get a price list and work out how much will needed to spent, BUT BE SITTING DOWN, when you add it up, I have just finished one and up to now it has cost in excess of six grand and hundreds of hours,.was it worth it ? I think so .Good Luck Len.c
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