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V5 log book...correct details?


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my log book states;-
make - vincent
model - (blank)
i contacted the dvla and asked them to provide a" correct "logbook ,with the model listed
the dvla requested documentation to prove the model ,which i duly sent
many weeks later they have come back to me saying that they cannot produce a logbook with the correct details.......(computer says no!)....... because as vincents are no longer in prduction ,they have not got "dvla model codes"......some excuse!!!!
has anybody got a logbook with the model listed?

roy the mechanic

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sounds like you need first to join "the club" a letter from the appropriate department will be the way forward to sort your problems with the "nice" people at the dvla regards, Roy.


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Achieving some success with DVLA, adding model details to a V5

(2nd attempt at reply as I was auto logged out and lost everything typed on first attempt) - Several years ago I had a similar problem with the registration document for my Austin Healey. There was no reference to the model, 'Sprite MK. IV' and so I returned the V5 with the details written next to word 'Model' on the document. The result was that I also encountered the problem that there was no available code that existed to represent the model name, that could be entered into the computer and generate the model name on the correct line. However, the lady I spoke with was very helpful and pointed out that there are 19 characters available to print the name of the 'Make' of a vehicle and that I could have the name 'Sprite' added after 'Austin Healey' on that line instead. As there was no other way forward I accepted this and now finally the V5 registration document makes reference to the model, albeit on the same line as the 'Make'. I shall be making the same request when I receive the V5 for my first Vincent (feeling extremely fortunate and privileged to be the custodian of such a beautiful example of motorcycle engineering) asking for 'Comet' to be included on the registration document. I hope this information helps you and others who may want to add model names onto their V5 registration document.

Tom Gaynor

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When I lived in Norway, if one imported a car less than two years old the sale was taxed. Over two, it wasn't. This was a lot of money, because LH drive cars are cheap as chips in Britain, but any new car in Norway was about twice the UK price. The routine was to buy a new (LHD if one could be bought) car anyway shortly before ones posting came through, and when the V5 arrived, send it to Swansea with a letter pointing out that that they'd made a typo on the date of first registration, they'd put 1990 instead of 1988. I never heard of anyone who did NOT receive a new, amended V5.
It was then easy to sell the nominally 2-year-old car as new, because most Norwegians knew how the system worked anyway.
The only reason I never did it was that I couldn't afford to buy a car to sell anyway! That and my abiding concern that the tax man gets his cut.
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