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V3 ? clutch help!


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Hi Guys
me again, that bloke with the JMR Egli. Got the Grosset starter working eventually, fitted 28mm carbs, set the timing and points, and have since covered 500 odd drama free miles. Until today. Pretty much lost my clutch after a ride this morning, I think it has a V3 clutch?
Took off the clutch cover and one of the studs holding the springs had unscrewed from the backplate, grinding into the outer cover. As it tended to drag a little anyway, does anyone have the definitive(i.e idiots) guide to setting one of these up properly, including final adjustment. I plan to pull it down and have a look see, it's only a clutch after all.....!

Any hepful advice/abuse gratefully received. Jeesh Vincents, thought the Morini was bad.....

A tutto gas



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Ok, so here are pictures of the offending item:



one of the posts screwing into the hardened centre had unwound, snapping off the head of the spring retaining screw and causing a right old mess. THe clutch runs dry with six friction and eight(!) plain steel plates, two of which are together in the middle of the assembly.
Is this clutch familiar to you guys, and where can I get spares? Looking at what little info I can find on the net, if it's a v3 it should have eight friction and seven plain. Hmm....!




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You certainly don't have a V3 clutch, however, it is likely that your problems are more related to poor assembly rather than inherent defects if it was assembled short of one friction plate. I suggest that lack of loctite on the spring pillars may be why some dropped out. Also, check for the possibly of incorrect depth of clutch basket which may be the root cause of missing out the friction plate.

I use a V3 clutch dry in a racing sidecar application and provided the plates are occasionally soaked in oil have found its performance and reliability excellent.

Your clutch adjustment should be same as original type.

Hope this helps.

Len Matthews

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Looks just like my clutch that was supplied by Vinparts. I found that the spring studs tended to come unscrewed when undoing the retaining screws so I put them back with a dab of Loctite. Vinparts should be able to supply any spares you may need.
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Mark Fisher

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Don't run it dry on a road bike as, despite what is stated in some quarters, it will eventually fry the plates....I know, my tpv egli did just that! The V3 in my Egli is on older version and now runs in a small amount of oil. However this weekend I fitted a new unit to my shadow and I noticed that the maker no longer recommends running it dry, in fact the instructions advise leaving the big seal out and drilling a couple of level/drain holes below the seal opening, in effect this makes it run as a true oil bath clutch and probably will give it an easier time. In fact I'll modify the egli to the same spec. None of this will stop things undoing themselves though! Having said that, the expansion and contraction rates will not be as extreme, so that might help. Although your unit may not be a v3 (looks very similar though) I'm sure it works in the same way.
hope this helps.

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