using bantam fork gaiters on a Vinnie?


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Bantam gaiters

Hello, used them in the 60s they work OK. Stainless inner boxes are much better to look at though. John.

Len Matthews

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Risky. I had a pair on my outfit for some time but upon dismantling to overhaul the Girdraulics I found that water had got inside the gaiters and rotted away the bottom of the Upper Spring Boxes. As John suggests S/S Lower Spring Boxes is a better way to go.


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When I fitted Bantam gaiters I made a hole in the lower rear of them by heating up a rod to burn a hole in them. This lets the water out and the air in and out, so that they don't collapse. A discreet twist of copper wire fixed them in place.

I found that they were a good thing for a solo but if used on the sidecar setting of the forks they were squashed against the fork blade. They will give you a longer life to the spring boxes as you can lubricate them well and they keep out road grit.