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Urgent help required please

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Saysay wilson

New Website User
Non-VOC Member
Good morning thank you for adding me

im really after some help here please

im trying to get paper articles photocopies books anything i can with my late father inlaw in and late husband

my 2 daughters was very young when they lost there grandad and father

my father-in-law used to own thunderbolt and glitter guts

name was tony wilson and nigel wilson

this is such a desperate appeal for help

my daughter is getting married at the end of the month and has her daddy can't be there to give his daughter away its down to me to do and i would just.love to give both my daughter anything i can and to make my daughter day that bit more special than normal by trying to get what i can

but i would need 2 copies of each as ive got 2 daughters

i know im asking alot and i do apologise for this essay

i have just purchased eBay a set of 5 mph only because I know my Father-in-Law and late husband are on the front cover of no 488 sep 1989 but i know he was in a few of them and other magazines

i am willing to pay for anything you have

im so desperate to get these to my 2 daughters and this as been a very emotional time trying to research brought back some lovely memories but also sad to as they are no longer with us

I do know the Thunderbolt is now in Museum that was raced by ginger Woods

this would mean the world to me if anyone can help me

kind regards and a massive big thank you in advance xx
Not open for further replies.