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F: Frame Upper Frame Member alignment and repairs to achieve alignment


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I was looking at RFM alignment and still looking for a repair shop for such, but finding the RFM out of alignment now i am checking the UFM. This UFM/RFM is a matched set from Jan 1951.

What is the proper procedure for such checks?

I have purchased some 1/2" steel rod, 5/8" steel rod, and I have a crash bar to use......along with a 4 foot wood dowel about 1.375" dia.
It looks pretty good to me so far.
The front tank mounts are visually not perpendicular to the head lug, maybe one front tank mount is and the other not,...off a little bit.

Do I need a laser?
What dimensions should be checked?

This particular early RFM uses 2ea FT3 and only the rear FT3 is mounted.

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This long and somewhat rambling and poorly titled thread describes my brutal but ultimately mostly successful efforts with a bent UFM. Read at your own risk, but it does describe how I ultimately measured the misalignment before and after.



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Well based on Oldhaven's thread above, i got out one of my Vincent show tanks to trial fit and see what goes.

It mounted up nicely, maybe a tad to the rear according to the oil tank fill neck.
You have , or I have to rasp file out the rubber mounts to get an ease of assembly.
I am happy with my alignment checks, as crude as they may be.
This tank is a "B" series with a small cut out for the front Amal.

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