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Upload Photo Problem


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VOC Member
I am unable to upload and presently have "Images in your queue: 39"

But don't actually post on web site eventhough i had watched them upload.

Please advise

The Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club Photo Gallery Image Upload help
Your Username STEPXL

Disk space allowed on your account: Unlimited
Disk space used on your account: 150kb (154314324 bytes)
Disk space remaining for your account: Unlimited

Allowable Image Types: jpg,jpeg,png
Maximum File Size: No file size limit.
ZIP file uploads allowed (10,000.00mb limit).
Images in your queue: 39


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I had this problem too, recently. I opened this window again and did a upload/submit. Had to wait for a long time, but after a while the queue was empty and the 78 photos were on the forum. I do not think I can empty it for you, although I am a moderator.

Graham Smith

Forum Website Webmaster
VOC Member
VOC Forum Website Administrator
Hi - I've had a look, and can only apologise that you've experienced problems with this.

I think it's going to take a bit more looking at, and unfortunately I'm flat out with other things at the moment, but will get round to it in due course.

Please keep all your photos to one side, and I'll give you a shout once it's fixed.


PS - I did eventually manage to get your images uploaded, although it took an age. I wasn't quite sure where you wanted them, so put them here.


You should be able to change which category they're in. If you struggle, give Tracey or me a shout.
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Bill Thomas

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VOC Member
Thems BIG photos !! But it helped me read on one of the bikes," Concession for restricted use !! " Talking to my MOT man about no MOT's for pre 1960 bikes, He thought they might bring that in over here, Any details of how it works ?, Don't like the sound of it !! Cheers Bill.


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VOC Member
Hi Tracey thanks for uploading pictures but i noted they are captioned "Winter Welsh Rally" is it possible to post under VOC sections Queensland Australia Section 25 April .
Thanks in Advance
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