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Unless you know otherwise...


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ebay item 180628554932

a bit of mild steel tube £55.00 thats got to have the top prize for silliness

unless you know otherwise...


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A year or so ago I had a stroke of luck and bought at auction (for a lot less than a box spanner!) a boxed vincent part I needed, but with it in the bottom was a lot of well packed original NOS items from the fifties, small stuff: washers, shims ,bearings rubber items sholdered bolts etc.It proved to me that a lot of the even unused original items are now perished or corroded and often not as good quality as are being produced now,I cannot understand the inability of anyone to carry out a simple enquiry on the net to the 3 or 4 well established and reputable firms selling Vincent parts to if not buy,to at least establish a price before bidding on the replaced items from the last workshop strip down on e-bay.
Of couse it could be that the people who buy such stuff then resell it to other like minded people who in turn add 10% and sell again in an ever increasing spriral of twits all thinking that they are on a winner-Not unlike the art world :)


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Not just the art world young sir. The whole western economic model seems to be run on the same lines and probably by the same type of A'holes.


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I was watching this ammeter as it is the type for my Series A. It did look very new and I seriously thought about bidding. I am neither stupid (?!?) nor rich but I would like to get the bike closer to
ex-factory before I pass it on to the next person. At the moment it has a slightly thicker "Lighthouse" ammeter that requires a thick bezel to keep it from fouling the headlight reflector. Any assistance in this
matter would be greatly appreciated.

Simon Dinsdale

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I agree the ammeter face and rim on ebay looked too new, but the main body was correct. On my series A what I did was take a thin aftermarket ammeter like:


and then replace the printed face. I did this by photographing the face of an original ammeter (copyright to my brother), cleaned it up a bit on the computer leaving the discolouration in the print for originality and sized it correctly. I then got a photo printing company to print it rather than injet print at home as this lasts longer and does not fade as much. I use photobox.co.uk online. Dismantle the ammeter and stick the new photograph face over the old using double sided tape. Trim the edges and colour the edges black and then reassemble. The tricky bit is positioning the face before it sticks to the tape, but I marked the back in several places as aligning marks.

See photo of finished ammeter in Miscellaneous: 2010: Series "A"

Total cost is cost of repro ammeter which I already had, £0.15 to print the photo and approx 30 minutes time.

Albervin if you send me a private message with your email address, I will email you the full size full definition photo of the face with the lighthouse. Then you only have to get it printed in 6" x 4" photo size and the print will be scaled to the correct size.

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Hi Simon,

I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it looks very good....

I will do you a swop for 166quid if you want!

Only joking,




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Thanks Simon, you have given me a great idea. My Lighthouse ammeter has a great original face but is too thick so I could possibly transplant the guts into a thin body from a repro.
Not original but then the one I have fitted at the moment isn't.
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