UK Road closures.


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This item in the Motorcycle Trader mag was brought to my attention. It seems that there are moves to allow councils to close more rights of way.

"Many local authorities are closing legal routes to responsible and legal motorcyclists or vehicle users without apparent regard for the need for the provision of this kind of recreational pursuit. The amount of these lanes are being reduced to a critically low number which can result in illegal use of unsuitable lanes without vehicle status. We say it is not reasonable to simply close the facilities and walk away from the responsibility to provide legitimate places to ride or drive."

I think the gist of it is the councils will close the right of way if the road is not tarmacadam surfaced. We perhaps don't often take our Vincent machines on many "green lanes" but quite a lot of vintage type runs use loosely surface lanes when conditions are not too bad. I see this as another "thin end of the wedge" issue removing more freedom. There is a petition that says:
"Make a legal requirement that any current legal unsurfaced road open to motor vehicles (including motorcycles) cannot be closed by any local authority or local council highways authority without new provision of a similar route or facility being provided."
UK readers can sign the petition at:
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