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H: Hubs, Wheels and Tyres Tyre/Rim Advice sought


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My Series B single is currently running 19" wheels front and rear. The rims and spokes are quite old and oxidized. I'm considering having new wheels built up with a 21" front rim and 19" rear. I'd like to use shouldered alloy Borrani rims. Looking at the offerings from Buchanan's Wheels here in the US, Borrani offer a 21" 40 hole WM1 rim but not a similar WM2 rim. For the rear, I can get a 40 hole 19" WM2 or WM3.

For tires, the "modern" Avon RoadRiders come in a 21" 90/90 aspect ratio but they suggest a WM2 or WM3 rim for that tire. The "classic" Avon Speedmaster comes in a 21" and Avon recommends a WM2 rim for that tire as well, although rim sizes of WM1-WM3 are listed as alternatives. So, fitting the Speedmaster on a 21" Borrani would not be a problem, but fitting a 21" SpeedRider would require mounting the tire on an "undersized" rim.

My questions:

- If I stick with the 21" WM1 Borrani front rim, what would this group recommend for tires?
- If I use a classic Speedmaster up front, should I combine that with the classic 19" Safety Mileage at the stern (and what's the difference between SM A, B & C)?
- Is there a consensus on what works well with the 21"/19" combination of wheel sizes?

Thanks in advance for any advice...

Marcus Bowden

VOC Hon. Overseas Representative
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Corey L my handsome, it mainly depends on what kind of riding you do, 17" rims is what you require for racing as Vibrac informs me with sticky rubber !
I use to do a lot of mileage but not so much these days after recent heart problems so was always after value for money. Avon front ribbed I kicked into touch years ago (less than 4mm tread) when Distanzia's came into being with 6 or 7 mm, 10.5mm rear they got discontinued and Avon brought out TrialRider I use a 21"x 90/90 front on a WM4 and a 18" x 410 on a WM5 rear giving much more support to the tyre can run lower pressures keeping more rubber on the road. The front may feel a little heavy at stationary speeds manoeuvring but more comfortable ride, keeping to the 18" rear as Avon do away with the 10.5 mm tread, "be surprised how much mileage in 2mm of rubber will get you".
Recently fitted a 21" (non-flanged) WM4 to the rear of my "A"Rapide as a trial to see how it will affect the cruising ability as I felt I was racing the engine doing 70 to 80 mph
Avon's advertising has gone to pot lately for me as they use to have charts for each type of tyre sizes, rims recommended, tread depth, circumference, rating factor for speed, etc etc.

Avon SM 18" x 410.on a WM3// Avon Distanzia 18" x 410 on a WM4 now changed to WM 5 on my every day "B" rap
2017 annual rally up north 430 miles away and made it all the way with extra 14 lts of fuel onboard. 200 + miles to the tank
My everyday bike from 1964


In the 60's use to run Avon GP's 19"x WM2 wallow like hell and only last 2 to 3k (two to three weeks) and the same with the chains, now cover around 9k on a rear tyre and 12k on a chain with Scot oiler and lower-rung of chain covered so tyre splash is not thrown into chain, often looked at a CZ with the enclosed chain and the Norton Rotary also adopted it 50k when enclosed and lubricated. Vaughan Green was in correspondence with my mate Robert Fabian years ago as he was trying to develop a closed chaincase.

Old Bill

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Corey, l run a WM1 21 inch deep flanged alloy front rim with 21 x 3.00 Avon speedmaster front. On the rear is a WM2 df alloy rim with a 4.10 Avon roadrunner tyre. l would not recommend the use of Avon Safety Mileage but l certainly agree that you will be lucky to get more than 4,000 miles from the Speedmaster. l chose the 21" front rim after much research suggested that was the way to go and have been extremely pleased with the results. Hope this helps with your decision, good luck....


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If you fit a coil over damper on the front plus a 21" wheel you will have the perfect combo.
I haven't heard of a commercially-available front coil-over unit. The AVO is still damper-only, separate spring, as far as I know. I have been waiting to see if a coil-over gets developed. So am I out of date?

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