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Type 29 Amal

Peter Holmes

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
I am trying to cure my rough low down running and backfiring Rapide, the easiest starting point is the pilot jet, so I have page 22 of the riders handbook (eight edition) open and I am looking at the drillings, general advice seems to be that poking a very fine guitar string through the drillings will do the trick followed by aerosol carb cleaner and then an airline, but back to the drawing, how do I get to drilling (J) the pilot orifice, it seems impossible, is it?

greg brillus

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Perhaps the gasket washer under the bottom cap nut is damaged or somehow blocking the passage of fuel to the idle circuit. I saw a home made one on a Shadow once that was blocking the hole off....Very hard to idle correctly like that.....the carbs are dead easy to fix, try removing the idle mixture screw and blowing through with compressed air, then replace and set as per the book. Cheers and good luck...Greg.


VOC Assistant Secretary
VOC Member
The symptoms you describe could be due to an air leak on the inlet stub.

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