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G: Gearbox Twin Gear Change Adjustment

John Cone

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VOC Member
Advice needed please. On my Prince i can select 1st Gear ok. When you go for second with the pedal at full travel it doesn't quite go in all the way but if you let the pedal return then put gentle pressure on it you can feel the indent plunger locate. This is the same for 3rd and 4th but top will drop out if you put the power on to much, come out of gear every couple of miles or so. Which adjustment is required please. Not much good at following Richardson's instructions in the book.


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That is interesting. My 1954 original parts list shows NO EARS !!!
Vincent van Goch was only half right!!
The earlier part, G61, had no ears. It was replaced at some point by G61/1, with ears, to resolve shifting problems. The latter is illustrated in the Series D Spares List.


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If you dont have a kickstart then I have found two 1/4 BSF nuts brazed on the flattened tabs with short 1/4 cap heads makes an adjustable stop I think that was in 40 years on


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Search search search top of page


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I think that Tim the vibrac has answered the wrong question. From the picture I think that the question referred to the mod I have done to the kick start cover. I have just been and taken some measurements. The vertical distance at the rear of the cover between the top of the hole which holds the screw and the cut is half an inch. The vertical distance between the top of the kick starter shaft and the cut is one inch. Both measurement accurate to better than one millimetre. As for how I did it, I used a hacksaw and did it by hand. I am by no means a gifted artisan so if I can do it then so could anyone else. I used the straightness of the hacksaw blade to ensure the cut was straight, clamped the cover down to a solid surface and went at it slowly. Gently filed and/or sanded the edges to get rid of any sharp points. Although many people seem to think that it is an abomination to do this mod all I can say is that it has never led to any problems, with screws becoming loose or poor gear changes. It is interesting that, rather like the JE steering head mod most people never notice the change when looking at the bike.

Simon Dinsdale

VOC Machine Registrar
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VOC Forum Moderator
One of the things I keep thinking about is getting an old damaged / corroded twin outer gearbox cover and mill out certain areas of the cover so the gearbox selector can be adjusted on the roadside when setting it all up. Then when correctly set, the modified cover can be replaced with the original one for the bike. This modified cover can then be used by the local section members and others. It would have helped me set up my Shadow gearbox which for some reason was a pain to set up, and yes I know how to adjust a twin gearbox, but this particular Shadow was a right pain with exhaust on and off quite a few times.

So does anybody have a scrap / corroded / damaged cover surplus to requirement as I don't want to cut pieces out of a good one.



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A brave man that takes a hacksaw to his G1/1 kick start cover when a replacement is £380. (Or £580 if yours is the earlier HRD G1 like mine.:eek:)
Norman, I cut my new BS KS cover as advised and found not only access, but an answer to erratic shifting caused by the repro cover casting itself. I was a little panicked pushing the cover thru the band saw, but once done and back at fitting , i found myself solving issues.

The cover casting causes a subtle issue that is not noticed by me until i want to fit the halves.
upper screw casting was binding on the G48. G69 and as the cover was tightened down put all in a bind.



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