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Twin clutch slipping


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:( Can anyone suggest the cause of my clutch slipping? When stripped, everything seems fine, no oil, plunger springs ok, etc. Run the outfit, without the cover, fine, but put it back on, it slips. I dressed the Ferodo disc with some fine 'wet or dry', as it was very glazed and this seemed to cure the problem until today, yes you've guessed it, it's being naughty again! I have perservered with ' originality' for many months, but have found it wanting. So, which is the best multiplate conversion, please?

Robert Watson

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The Vincent clutch requires a great deal of patience when not functioning properly. I once took mine apart 13 times in a row and eventually got it to work well, which it then did for several years without a complaint. One of the things that can cause what you describe is the 'rivet' pins in the shoe carrier fouling the back of the inner disk steel plate. Look at the back of it for telltale grooves worn in, coming off the centre in a helix type pattern, maybe and inch long. Sometime just as little as correct orientation of the plate is enough, other times a set of thin washers placed over the 9 pins is required, to give more clearance.

Having said that, once, in a fit of impatience, with a clutch getting very jumpy I ordered a Videan setup. On removing the stock setup to replace it I discovered the shoe carrier pins had come loose, The nuts on the back end have worked loose, and had worn the pivot holes on the shoes quite oval. The pins are 1/2 dia and taking the shoe holes out to 5/8" did not clean up all the wear spots, but I felt 'enough. I then rebushed the holes with ally bushings pressed in and made back to 1/2". That clutch then went in another bike where for the past several years it has done several thousand miles without a complaint.

The Videan set up is not without it's issues but once in and sorted is a fine clutch.

If you have the patience, work on the stock one, if not try a Videan one. I think available in the UK from Vince Farrell

You've got all winter to sort it!!!



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I had this problem once and although I doubt that the cause of your slipping clutch is the same, I will relate just in case. The bike had been subjected to a "professional" rebuild , which had occurred many years and two owners previously. I tore it apart a couple of times, then noticed that the arrow on the shoes faced the wrong way.
One of the clutch shoes had never been countersunk to accomodate the pin, so the fitter had simply reversed the shoes. This resulted in the larger shoe being used for starting and the small one for driving. After some time it just could not cope any more and would slip under hard acceleration , or at speeds in excess of 70 mph.

Vic Youel

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Twin clutch

I have wrestled with mine over the past 25 years and still learning its ideosynchrocies (is that how you spell it?) but I take great pleasure in the fact it works properly at the moment. Have faith in the originaldesign.

The worst enemy is oil



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slipping clutch

:) Hi Vic,
Many thanks for the positive input, but I've only been struggelling with mine for fifteen years, so there's time yet! Cheers!


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clutch slip

If the clutch works without the cover, make sure the C 42 clutch adjusting nut hasn't been turn in too much which will slightly lift the clutch plate. Also check the adjustment on the kick cover. Just like driving a manual transmission car with your foot resting on the clutch pedal. Keep the original, it works great when properly adjusted.
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