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C: Clutch Twin clutch drag


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VOC Member
When operating the kickstart lever with engine stopped and the clutch pulled in there is no clutch drag but when operating the clutch having already applied pressure to the k/s lever there is some drag. C23 is not lifting absolutely square but has a minimum clearance of 25 rising to 40 thou' around the plates. All springs relatively new, are of equal length and free to move within their cups.
There is at least 25 thou' clearance between the clutch shoes and drum; plungers C11/1 are free and butting against the correct C14 pins but those pins have C16 sleeves besides the 3 in the normal C13 locations. The plunger springs are exerting reasonable pressure.
There is approx 10 thou' clearance at C19 shim.
I would appreciate thoughts on the cause of the drag and how it might be eliminated?


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VOC Member
Bad terminology by me re C17 bush and C20 nut. I meant the diametrical fit between C20 o/d and C17 i/d.
C13 rotates easily but may be tilting due to excessive diametrical clearance?
I have installed a new C17 bush which is a beautiful fit on C20 especially against the 3 thou' diametrical slack of the old bush. The drag described in my original post has gone as it also has when stopping at lights etc.
Thanks to all who joined the discussion.

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