Trying to make a Vincent


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Hi guys, I'm new here and I live mo state of Manaus in Brazil, do not understand any English :eek:
I would like you to help me in some things
Well, I saw this bike (
) and fell in love
Searching a bit I found a guy here from Brazil who also fell for it and decided to make one similar to it and in a moment of madness, decided to make one for me too. lol

Now I will ask some questions:
Anyone know of some used parts that bike?
Does anyone know of a person who can help me with this?
How many dollars can buy a motor Vincent?
The fuel tank is unique in some Vincent?
If you have any information or opinion may say, even to speak what is the wheel size :D

Personally, as I said above, I can not speak very little English, I'm using an online translator, please try not to use slang or abbreviations :)


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I am not surprised that you fell in love. The bike looks magnificent but I suspect that it a 'Photoshoped' picture. By that I mean that if you look carefully at some of the details they do not seem to be connected. However, as a design to use as a pattern for manufacture is could be spectacular. Things which you should note on this photograph are that the starter is in the French position, the gear change pedal and brake pedal are in the 'modern or USA' position. It has disk brakes front and rear while Patrick Godet favors the use of an older style drum brake on the front wheel. The fuel tank is specific for that bike and is not a standard Vincent item.

You will find it difficult or impossible to buy all the engine parts second hand. All parts can be bought new from several places. If you want to go for a standard engine and gearbox then all the parts can be bought from the Vincent spares company. If you want more modern parts which look approximately the same then Terry Prince in Australia is probably better for you. Terry can also supply you with parts to make a larger engine than 1,000 ccs. Patric Godet in France can also supply you with totally new engine and gearbox assemblies and with frames which are similar to, but not identical with, the one on your photograph.

Jo sai espanol y portugese estan differente pero si as mas facil por usted a escriber in espanol, escriber a mi sobre


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thank you guys
I'm taking a look at websites, I found very interesting and it's still great to know that to make a new engine for the bike

timetraveller, this bike does exist, if it was only used photoshop to leave it more beautiful, even as I have more pictures of her, as the engine, I want one with more modern pieces that is as similar as possible with this


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This was (is) an RTV that went to America and was modified by Bernard Li. It is now back in Australia. A ready to run RTV motor was recently sold for $30,000 which I personally think is a lot. They are still being made to order in Queensland, Australia. Scroll down halfway and see shots of the motor and a video clip of it running.