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Trailer - is it original?


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been meaning to ask for a while, but never got around to it!
My Black Knight came with a matching single wheel trailer, complete with electrics etc. I would like to know if it's an original option, or a very clever accessory that was available aftermarket.
The bike has a very neat towbar, and traditional 7 pin trailer plug socket.
All information greatly appreciated,
I would post a picture if I had one in the correct format!




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I'll try to convert the picture I've got into a format I can attach here - unless someone out there who is far better at it than I am would like to volunteer????

Tnecniv Edipar

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If it's a digital pic just upload it to photobucket , post the link here and it will appear as if by magic !! Any probs , just email it to me and I'll sort it for you.


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Dick Sherwin has one of these and it looks like the rear enclosure on a 'D'. It seems to work well. I followed him along the M27 several years ago on a solo and it did not seek to affect the handling nor was it wider thatn the bike. They were not a Vincent item.


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Picture attached on behlaf of Graham.


  • vin1.JPG
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