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H: Hubs, Wheels and Tyres Tires/Tyres question - Dunlop K81 TT100 versus AVON AM26 Road Rider

Texas John

Well Known and Active Website User
Non-VOC Member
Can anyone inform me of the tradeoffs between Dunlop K-81 TT-100 tires and Avon AM26 Road Rider Tires, please?
I have had good experience with the Dunlop K-81s and also like the way they look on a vintage bike.
The Dunlops appear to have a narrower profile than the Avons.
But I have seen a number of posts that express happiness with the Avon AM26 Road Riders.
I would especially like to hear from those who have experience with both.
Thank you,

Nulli Secundus

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
VOC Forum Moderator
I like my AM26 Avons on my Vincent and also my race compound ones on my race bike.

I have not ridden much on TT100 tyres, other than a race meeting in 1983. They seemed OK, but think AM26 Avons would win the day. I agree though that TT100 tyres look better on an old bike.


John French

Active Website User
VOC Member
I've had both on my Norton Commando and now it wears the Avons. The Dunlops do look right but they make the bike feel clumsy, the TT100's are physically much bigger and you really feel it when changing directions. Your results (and preferences) may vary, good luck!


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
John - I have road ridden and circuit raced a few older type machines with both types of tyres. They each give different feedback (complex and difficult to describe) and wet/dry slide characteristics but so what? In my view as long as a tyre gives you feedback it's a good one - no point having something that feels fine up to the point where control is suddenly lost and you toss the bike down the road wondering what happened (something I know a bit about). :(

On a Vincent I wouldn't run either of these on the front as I love the feedback from the large diameter thin ribbed front tyres (20" and 21") as you can get these to drift so controllably in the wet.

For the rear, my personal preference is for the round profile Avons as I like the feedback when you quickly roll from leaning hard on one side to the other and they make a good match for the round profile Avon ribbed front tyre. But as mentioned earlier, I think both are excellent tyres when:
1). Brought fresh not old stock.
2). Used at the correct pressure.
3). Not covered in oil mist/chain oil. :)

Choice is yours. I suggest that you ride identical bikes with each type of tyre and see what 'fits' your riding style. Whatever way you go make sure you get to wear it out.
Cheers David


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
I like AM26s and wouldn't use anything else on my Egli. When I bought my Comet I intended to change to AM26s and replaced the worn rear, but I left the front ribbed on "for now". Well, "for now" is still ok, the ribbed front seems to suit the Comet, so when it wears out I'll have a bit of a problem what to replace it with.

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