Timing cover restrictor discs


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The timing cover on my twin has no restrictor discs fitted, and the oil feed holes are approximately 50 thou. It has been using a bit of oil, and although the pistons/bores are probably a little past their best, i'm wondering if I should fit discs to the bore feeds and if this is likely to help? If so,what would the recommended hole size be? Any advice welcome, thanks.


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I would fit the discs. The discs provide a seal for the pathway of the circulating oil. If they are not in place, the oil will have a hard time reaching its destination. In this case, the oil will seep back down into the timing chest rather than oiling the cams. Regarding the cylinder feeds, I have never used them, but I would keep it stock in your case as there is little harm. Do not leave out the seal to restrict flow to the cylinders, instead, use a metal disc with a smaller hole behind the disc seal or close the hole down in the timing cover.

Check your timing cover to see that there is a metering jet under under the decorative cap and the scew. This jet determines the balance of oil delivery between the crank and the cams.