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tigger aldus


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Hi guys

I am an old freind of tiggers over 20 years who is a little shocked to learn of his death.

i had not heard from him for a few years but just thought he was off on one of his trips, it was not unusual for him to dissapear for a few years to then turn up and find he had been chasing bears across russia or something

can anyone tell me what happened and where he is burried so i can pay my respects to him.




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Tigger suffered fatal injuries in a collision with a truck whilst riding a modern bike (not his fault ).
He received a bikers funeral, using a motorcycle/sidecar herse, with lots of bikes as a cortege to his burial in a field in Devon. His last ride did include a bit of high speed on the M5, as he would have enjoyed.
I have photos of the funeral, but don't need to look at them to remember a good mate.
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thanks for the info.

I will let all of his workmates from motorcycle city know plus some of our other freinds that i don,t think know.

he is and will be sorley missed, even when the door bell rang at 1 o'clock inthe morning when tigs decided to pop in for coffee on his way back from some where.

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