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Thought for the day


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Here is a further intergalactic newsflash from the Planet OOOWAHN in the galaxy FLOBBERGOB

"Fellow Ooowahans, I have to tell you today, we have discovered some interesting historical information about the extinct Earthlings. It seems that the most important and cleverest man in the Earthlings world was in an aeroplane (just a crude means of teleporting from place to place) which , was about to crash. He was with a girl called Greta, a famous environmentalist (we don't know what that is as yet,) There was only one parachute (a means of aborting a failed aeroplane teleport).The Cleverest and most Important Man in the Earthlings world ,grabbed the parachute and jumped.. Greta was not worried, merely commenting, "The cleverest man in the World has grabbed my backpack an jumped, Iwill use the parachute"
I, The Great Panjandrum, offer 53 and1/2 credits to the first Ooowahn to discover and publish the name of the C and most I M in that Earthling world.

Not available to Lou Rolls and Juan Sheet who offer this Newsflasho_O