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There as nothing wrong with a new '53 Shadow


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Sometimes I come off as if I am down on Vincents.... this is truly not the case. If you bought a new '53 Shadow you bought the best motorcycle the world had to offer you. You could travel at 125 if you wished as everything
else stood in awe and disbelief. It was a solid machine with a real sprit that lasts until this day. Yes I bitch about stuff that I think could have been better.... but's that's only because I bitch. I'll be seeing you again someday Phil
to again shake your hand and say: you really did it sir!


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The Man in the white nightgown

I'll try to do the best I can to stick around here. But,you know my friend, when you get to be my age you become all the more aware of "the man in the white nightgown" being not very far behind. That's what W.C fields called him.
And Uncle Claude got to meet him on Christmas Day of 1946.
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Big Sid

Mr Vincent said that vertical twins were for people who liked to THINK they were going fast . Vincent s were for those who REALLY wanted to GO FAST ! This was fact . Not fiction . A Rapide could whip them all in third gear and simply vanish in top . The Shadow took that even further and the Lightning went to the moon .
Around the world guys began setting new Records that stuck for decades as they learned how easily their Rapides and Shadows could be boosted by Black Lightning components and kick ass . Pistons , cams , carbs and pipes did the trick , proven stuff and available for reasonable prices . Tuning was easy and records fell .
This action was reported in magazines and avid riders ate it up . As I did and many others .
The basic machine was suitable throughout its chassis and the motor needed little more than a caged roller big end and the shafting made tighter in the flywheels to endure near double the original power . The clutch was solid , the cases built like a bank vault and the suspension with full dampers held a true course over any surface . Screw it on and hold tight .
Screwed together nicely and the record was in the bag . Sid .


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A good line. When I could ride I bought an '04 Triumph Thruxton and added or removed the stuff needed to make it go faster.... it could pull 133 by the clock.... It was a fun machine..... but I sure do understand how right Mr Vincent was at the time.
My old Triumph sales/ mechanic friend was a guest of Triumph and showed us videos of the factory. Also, from my viewing parts on the bench, all I can say is they are beautify made..... 1st rate machining. Oh, Ed Collins has been selling and repairing
Triumphs up in East Park, NY since 1954 and still is.
I do not think people realize what a poor design the old vertical really was....... but Burt Hopwood knew.
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