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The VOC Spares Company: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

The VOC Spares Company Limited

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Like many we have had to give serious consideration to how we go forward in the current position we find ourselves in. Information is changing all the time and the notice you will see in MPH is now out of date.

We are far from an “essential service” but following the very latest UK Government advice, as we are predominantly an online service, we are being encouraged to continue trading, for several reasons, to be part of keeping the economy rolling, to maintain employment and to aid the mental well-being of customers by helping them to keep busy at home.

We have been contacted by many Vincent owners who are ‘self-isolating’ in their workshops and garages and want parts so we would like to continue to do that.

We are very concerned about the safety of our staff and Bob has put in a strict rota to ensure only one person is in the office at any one time, going beyond the 2 metre distancing advice, furthermore, no one has to travel on public transport to get to work and we are limiting interaction with couriers etc.

So, how can you help?
  • Order parts via the webshop if possible.
  • If not, order by email, orders@vincentspares.co.uk with part numbers.
  • Try to avoid phone orders unless for small quantities of parts (say a maximum of 5 items) and give the part numbers.
  • Please do not visit the Spares Company in person.
Customers in USA and Canada - please try our partner Coventry Spares first, we dispatched a large order to them last week.

Please be patient, we have received a lot of orders in the last couple of weeks.

What we don’t know is how things will change, whether our suppliers will keep going, whether post and courier services will continue, but if we can continue, we will.

We will post information as it changes on our website and webshop, the VOC Spares Company Facebook page, and the VOC Forum,

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