The Vincent Factory (Works) Records

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In 1959 Harpers Engineering purchased the remains of the Vincent Company and not long after that, gifted the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club the original Vincent Factory Records documents for motorcycle production from 1928. These records cover just over 90 per cent of all Vincent Motorcycles made in Stevenage.

These records give build details about each machine, when and by who they were road-tested and when and to who the machine was despatched. The level of detail does change throughout the years and also some machines details are less than others.


Just a few of the Vincent Factory (Works) Records.

Recently, these Works Record Documents were scanned in high resolution colour, and now copies of the records documents for your Vincent machine are available to purchase if you are the current owner of the machine.

VOC General Dating certificates are also available to purchase, again only if you are the current owner of the machine. These certificates are for just owners' general information only and are NOT Certificates of Authenticity as the VOC stopped issuing those in 2005. Also, these certificates cannot be used for any DVLA registration applications or uses.

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To be able to issue copies of the Vincent Factory Records and a VOC General owner Dating Certificate, clear photographs of the machine identifying numbers are required and also at least one of the complete motorcycle and any other information that may help identify your Vincent. These photographs can be in printed form or electronic, but the number need to be clearly visible and easily read from the photographs and also the shape and spacing of the stamping fonts needs to be clearly seen. If paint or powder coating covers the numbers then the owner needs to address this before any documents or comments can be issued. You may also be asked to prove ownership or at least declare you own the bike.

Engine, Crankcase Mating, Upper Frame Member and Rear Frame Member Numbers

Where to find the engine, crankcase mating and frame numbers on a post-war Vincent.

The location of the identifying numbers on 1946-1955 Series 'B', 'C' or 'D' machines are shown above. Once you've found these numbers, you should contact us by clicking HERE.

The location of the identifying numbers on 1928-1939 machines are slightly different. For more information, you should contact us by clicking HERE.


An example of a Works Order Form, Completion Note and Despatch Check Sheet.

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Never rely on Certificates of Authenticity or Dating Certificates issued years ago, nor information provided by sellers. You should always satisfy yourself that you know what you’re buying before you bid/buy. Always contact the Machine Registrar or Researcher before buying a Vincent. Always do your own due diligence.

To contact the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club Machine Registrar and Machine Researcher click HERE.
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