The strange world of advertising expensive motorcycles!

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I think it was Mr Kenningly whom was advertising a genuine 500cc Vincent Rapide recently, and then went on to reinforce the advert by stating 'make no mistake, this is a genuine Vincent Rapide' it had a Comet engine installed. I now notice on Ebay there is listed a 'Genuine Vincent Black Shadow' backed up by factory records, and the advert then goes on to state that the upper frame member is off a Vincent Rapide, well of course I know that when you are riding the machine it makes not one drot of difference, but why do they bother to state something in the description that is clearly and simply incorrect.

For Sale, Genuine Bugatti Type 35B, £1000000.00 no offers, fitted with uprated Ford XR3i engine.

P.S. My Shadow was registered 22-09-1952 and has a significantly lower engine number than the one advertised, which apparently left the factory in June of that year!
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Please take solace in the fact that you are not alone in being annoyed / irritated / infuriated / down right angry , pick one that you feel best applies to you as they all apply to me when I read those kind of advertisements. The only reason I can offer for individuals making such incorrect or mis-leading statements to is cover themselves should someone who is not versed in Vincent facts purchase their machine and realize they have been duped and bring legal action. Then they can say they never hid the fact that it is a Rapide upper frame member with a Comet engine. Though here in Michigan when you register your vehicle the engine number is of no significance, only the frame number matters. I've done a number of title searches for motorcycles I've bought and rebuilt and the police officer who has arrived to confirm my vehicle identification number (vin) has only ever checked the frame number never the engine number.
But I agree it is irritating to read those advertisements. Just take a deep breath and move on and hope no one falls for their subterfuge.
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