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The sting in the tail


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Following on from the removal of the MOT many looked for a reason well I think we will find it in the latest EU 'roadworthy directive' which if implemented could outlaw any 'modifications' on Classic vehicles
Now that should cause a reduction in the volume of this forum no more disc brakes,thornton suspension and only 6.5 compression pistons, think I am joking?

read here http://fbhvc.co.uk/2012/08/23/eu-roadworthiness-testing/

a protest is building here http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/37784

I know we have wave after wave of such scares BUT thats part of the deadly plan if we don't respond they will strike with speed and a quick "well nobody objected" will be our epitaph. Some say it wasn't Thomas Jefferson who said "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." but whoever it was they did not pick up their fat cheque and travel expenses in the tower of Babel in Strasbourg

Hells teeth I wish there was a way to express how I feel about not remaining in the EU but there hasn't been a vote and I bet there never will. Democracy? whats that?


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Anyone got a full spec for a 1974 Egli?

Whoever proposed this doesn't know (or give a flying fig) that he's included the hayday of specials, there's still a lot of Norvins, Tritons, Seeleys etc etc out there.



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I also am the owner of a car registered as a 1961 Historic kit car - yes thats what it says on the V5 (Its a 356 Porsche replica) built around 2000 I wish them luck with that spec.
I can just imagine what is being said by my friend who rebuilds 2M Bugatti et al for a living
The question is also about engine modifications a check for big bore comets should be fun
What a bunch of drips...
BUT dont under estimate them, remember its all about safety as you remove your disc brakes and mirror and put your 'sTOp' light back in position
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