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The land of the living


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VOC Member
Here we are then back in the land of the living,I have just realised what has been absent from my life over the last 6 months . apart from being in the wokshop playing with the bikes, yes you've got it, the FORUM. Completely out of the blue 6 months ago i had a stroke which has left me with very restricted use in my right arm, hand, and leg ( please save the sympathy for my long suffering wife) what I am getting too is this,don't make the mistakes I made,don't work all the hours God made assuming that when you retire you will have plenty of time for the good things in life, for it may not happen. Any sugggestions on how too get reluctant parts of the body working again will be most welcome. (replies in a plain unmarked envelope please ) thanks len.c


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Welcome back to the Forum! The good news for you and all of us is that you are still with us, you've still got your marbles and you hopefully still have that wicked sense of humour that kept us entertained over the last couple of years or so. OK, some of the cycle-parts are still reluctant to get straightened out, but the motor of Len Clut is still fully operational.

You are so right of course, we all take good or even just adequate health for granted - until such time as something goes badly wrong. Most of us just reflect on your advice for a short while then carry-on just as before in the hope that it won't happen to us.... me included.

Anyway, since I'm not a million miles from you, I'll PM you in a few minutes with the intention/details of a rendezvous at yours; I'll bring some medicine that the doctors might not approve of :eek: and we'll put the world to rights. ;-)

In the meantime, I for one look forward to you chiming-in regularly here again - even if it is left-hand threaded...

Peter B
Bristol, UK.


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Not to in any way diminish how tough it is to recover from a stroke, it is rather amazing to see the extent to which the human body/mind can retrain itself.
A customer of mine had a severe stroke on Christmas morning about 15 years ago. I see her once or twice per year and always see improvement. Today her physical capabilities are pretty much back to normal and her speech is also very close to her prestroke days. I hope it goes equally well for you.



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VOC Member
HI Glen ,thanks for your encouraging reply ,I was very lucky insomuch that i never lost my speech or most importantly my exceptionally good looks, (joke) .
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