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The Fast Lady


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About 8 years ago I purchased a racing Vincent kneeler from South England. I was then told it was built by Malcolm Attrill and called The Fast Lady. I've been trying as much of her past history as possible as from her condition she has had many adventures. I've managed to contact Len Stevens who purchased her from Malcolm and he has managed to fill in some of the gaps and also Nick Cutmore, who last raced her in the UK, also has helped out with some info. What I would appreciate is if anyone who knows anything about this machine, or possibly has any old photos of her, if they could contact me through the forum. I know malcolm built a few kneeler race outfits, all called The Fast Lady, as well as his earlier roaded based outfit, currently owned by Eddie Wallbank, but my one has 10" mini wheels on the rear and sidecar but a 16" wheel on the front I have inclued a couple of images below as she is now. Please note that the last owner installed a unit motor but she obviously originally had a chopped motor as there were AMC gearbox mounts on the frame. Despite trying to make her as original. I haven't had the heart to cut up this engine! All help is much appreciated. Cheers David


  • The Fast Lady_1.jpg
    The Fast Lady_1.jpg
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  • The Fast Lady_2.jpg
    The Fast Lady_2.jpg
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  • The Fast Lady_3.jpg
    The Fast Lady_3.jpg
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With all the original aficionados around it shouldn't be to hard to swap a whole engine for a chopped one and gearbox....


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Hi , i will get some photos of the Fast Lady as i know Betty has quite a few of the fast lady and upload them when i get the chance to pop down and see my aunty.
Very much appreciated Tony. Be fantastic to see images of the era. As you probably know, this Fast Lady is still competing after all these years and is a real tribute to both Malcolm & Betty.
Cheers David

Nigel Spaxman

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Here are a few pictures from the 2003 Vincent Rally at Harrison Hot Springs British Columbia. This is the road version I think.


  • Vincent Rally 2003 002.jpg
    Vincent Rally 2003 002.jpg
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  • Vincent Rally 2003 016.jpg
    Vincent Rally 2003 016.jpg
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I knew Malcolm and Betty for years, although I was never a close friend. From memory there were six "Fast Ladies" ranging from fast road bikes to serious racers. Always beautifully prepared. I was at their house one evening when John Rewick arrived so I think that there was a bit of cross fertilisation of ideas going on.

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