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The Estate of the Late John Lumley and the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club


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One thing this whole sorry saga has taught some of us is that we need to plan well ahead. Some of us (not me) have garages and sheds that are now veritable Aladdin's caves. If the contents or proceeds are to avoid being used as finance for a moribund government then action needs to be taken.
Oh yes, one more lesson. Be careful who you trust!

John Cone

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Hopefully we can soon put this unsavoury subject to bed once and for all. I would like to thank all concerned for hard work put in on behalf of the VOC for the above link. It was good to see it layed out all in one place rather than bits and pieces and hearsay.


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This subject seems to remind me of an old Chinese saying about disagreeing with those above your station.

"The nail that stands up, gets hammered down"

Who will be the next nail?

Ken Smith
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