The elephant trunk and the Comet (not a fairy tale ;-))


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As I got through a lot of oil, I put the timing cover elephant trunk breather made (in the old days) by Mr Kemp on my Comet Serie C. My problem of cosumption is partly well-ordered. I turn the trunk towards up and rear. The discharge of oil splash (a little bid) the timing cover and the exhaust. Do I turn the trunk to an other direction or do I need to add a pipe ?
Your experience will be appreciate. Thanks.


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The elephant trunk pipe would best be pointing upwards to make the most use of gravity to keep oil-splash down. Also, use a rubber pipe having as large a diameter as possible going straight up and then out the back. Hopefully, the aluminium casting contains the wire wool it was originally supplied with?

However, if your Comet has a problem and is using a lot of oil, an elephant trunk isn't the cure but it might help a bit until Winter - when I suggest you should investigate the valve guides and the piston/rings for wear…..

Peter B
Bristol, UK.
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Bill Thomas

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Hello Michel, If you are useing a thin oil, Or multi oil, It might be worth trying a 40 or 50 mono grade, Don't know how cold it is where you are so 50 would be too thick, Cheers Bill.