The Annual Dinner and Dance


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Hello Everyone.
Well Mrs Comet and I have just got home after last nights Annual Dinner and Dance. What a fantastic evening:D. Can we take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone for making it the best Annual we a have attended. In particularly to Debbie for doing a fantastic job.

Well done Debbie.

Little Jonny and Dawn

Whats happening next year then?:eek:

Graham Smith

Yes, a fantastic night and great company.

It was especially good to Meet David Bowen and Tony Cording from overseas.

I went to bed at just gone midnight. How do you lot manage to stay up so late?
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Hi all.
Great night, great company, the best ever! I turned in at 2am and left a lot still in the bar. YJ said can we do it all again next week, PLEASE.
Many thanks to Debbie and slave, Russ, you are stars!
Who was that annoying little boy??:eek:
Thanks also to all who made the effort to dress up, you made the night.
Have a look at the photos from the link that Tracey gave - only 804! Cheers, DJ


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The annoying little boy has been sent to bed due to his unsightly behaviour.He will not be allowed out to play for quite some time. Or at least until the bruises have gone!!

Debbie Kemp

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A big thank you to everyone who attended the Annual Dinner and made it a night to remember. I think we managed to celebrate the 60th anniversary to the limit, well we partied hard until 3am anyway! Thanks also to everyone who made the effort to dress up in 1940's gear - you all looked terrific!

Undoubtedly the star of the evening had to be "little Johnny" who kept everyone entertained throughout with his suitcase full of quirky tricks and toys - a typical fun-loving lad from the 40's:D Don't get rid of your gear, Johnny, I think you are going to be called upon to entertain a few rallies in the coming year! I hope your bump soon goes down - the perils of playing conkers!!!

Please take a look at the photo's (see link in the previous message) which were taken by a professional team on the night. The photo's are available to order direct from the website and I will be getting a set for the VOC so that memories of the 60th anniversary can be preserved in the VOC archives forever.

Now what can we celebrate next year.......???????:D


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It was my first time at a Vincent dinner dance. My wife and I really enjoyed the evening and although we didn't know too many people I don't think we were ever left standing.
The food was very nice and the preparation for the whole event was outstanding so I add my most sincere thanks to all involved.

After dinner I had a nice chat with long distance traveller Stuart Jenkinson then at breakfast I sat at a table with two nice chaps who both were very politely offerring advice as to why my Rapide might occassionaly jump out of third. It was only when the subject changed that I began to realise they were Brian Chapman and John Renwick. Apologies to Brian from my wife Mandy for asking if Santa Pod was something to do with Christmas. She was just conforming to the stereotype.
Thanks again for a great evening
Peter Sprot
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