Tappet covers

John Jones

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I have just got some new tappet covers for my 48 Rapide.
Taking off the old ones, the thread on the inlet on the front pot started to tighten up after a few turns.
Damn I thought, the thread has somehow crossed whilst undoing it.
I applied more pressure with ths spanner and when it eventually came loose I noticed that the tappet had caught against the inside of the cap scraping off slithers of ally.
Is this normal?
Could I have bent the pushrod or done some other damage?
Yours Confused.


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Normal disassembly procedure is to first check that the piston is on the compression stroke, so that both valves are on their seats. That will allow the inspection cap to be removed without interfering with the tappet adjuster.


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Dave, I have learned from experience that when attempting a job on a Vincent for the first time 1) Ask first 2) look up one of the Vincent tomes for guidance 3) ask after you may have cocked up....
All good fun but you really need to be aware that sometimes the most harmless bit of tinkering can lead to dire results. Not so in this case.:cool:

Len Matthews

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As others have said, it is essential that both valves are closed before attempting to remove the rocker caps but don't worry, you won't have caused any damage other than to your old cap.