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Tank Painting - Rapide C


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VOC Member
I have ordered a new tank from VOC Spares Co., it should be available in a couple of months or so. The old tank, while in perfect external condition has a sealer which is breaking down due to the current ethanol content in fuel. I can't see that I can get the sealer out without damaging the existing paintwork plus I have no interest in resealing the tank. I decided the best long term approach is a new tank.
I have recently moved to Dundee - can someone recommend a good reliable paint shop, in the general area, who can be trusted to do the paintwork including lining and transfers.
Secondly, I'm sure others have had a similar problem with a sealed tank - has anyone had other issues with the fuel changes?
Thanks for the help, Mike


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Hello Mike,
welcome to Dundee, I am just up the road by Gleneagles. I have not had any painting done for 30 years so cannot help in that
respect. MPH page 20 has some useful info from Glyn Baxter about sealant removal. After successful removal I am sure the tank will be weldable, be the right man. Once again someone else will have to come up with a name.
Just spotted that you are a non member, so if you have no access to MPH you can give me a ring on 01764 662644
Regards John.


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I have used acetone to remove it.You have to be careful.
Another trick is to take a bunch of screws or any hardware and put it inside the tank.Seal all orfices.Wrap it in several blankets and put it in the dryer!
Make sure spouse is gone and it does make a racket!
I've done this on several tanks and they were nice and shiny on the inside afterwards.
Good luck!


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Hello Mike,
If you feel like meeting some Vincent folk, the next Scottish section lunch is on the 28tn November at at Moncrieffe arms Princes street Perth, about 11-30 Regards John.
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