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I have a Black Shadow 5” Speedo I took off a basket ‘D’ its all there including the two pilot bulb holders (with rubber wire!) and angle drive on rear. I have not tarted it up, its untouched just as I took it off. The paint is worn and the rim could do with a rechrome (new £47.00) the indicated mileage is 33,232 and I know it has been unused since 1967.I suppose that with a Speedo restorer a hundred pounds or so would make this an immaculate item. A good example of this unit went for £800 on ebay last month (item 170526444647) but we all know about some twits on ebay , realistically Dave Woods quotes them reconditioned for £495 + P&P
Now I am building a 600 Egli on the same lines as the 1275cc Twin that Ben is using and I need an aluminium banana tank in excellent condition and that’s the deal. I try not to change Vincent items into money and I do not need to sell the Speedo, just a straight swap, top class Egli banana tank for a 5” Speedo


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I have asked around but not been able to find an alloy banana tank. The 5 inch speedo is the last major item I need for my twin rebuild, is there anything else you would consider for a swap/part exchange? I have some vincent spares. Im quite local, St.Albans, Herts, regards, Paul

Mark Fisher

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Have you tried David Dunfey here in the USA? David is an Egli expert and might be able to help. He races a grey flash, so maybe you know him.


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Well it seems Banana tanks are thin on the ground so I have commissioned one in aluminium and will report back when its complete and I have put that speedo away for another swap

Simon Dinsdale

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Just out of curiosity, where are you getting the aluminium tank made? I'm just thinking about a future non Vincent project where I will need to replace an old fiberglass fuel tank.



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Thanks for the vote of confidence! I know Tim and I would have offered to help, but he needs one in aluminium and all my metal tools, like the english wheel, are in storage.

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