Suzuki RGV250


Graham Smith

I know this is totally un-Vincent related, but I thought I'd abuse my position as forum webmaster anyway!

My neighbour has a Suzuki RGV250 which has been sitting in his garage for about ten years. It has just 8,000 miles on it.

After a bit of messing around, it's now running, but there's a problem with the rear stop light.

The front and rear brake switches appear to be working OK (you can hear the microswitches clicking), but the stop light doesn't work. Actually on the bike there's dual rear/stop lights. While both rear lights work, both stop lights fail to light when the switch is operated.

Anyone got any ideas?


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Hi Graham,
That switch could be playing Colonel Bogey and still not operating the brakelight bulb(s). Try finding out where the 12v's stop by using a voltmeter or one of those testers with a bulb and a sharp pin on one end and a lead with an alligator clip on the other. Just remember, if you let the smoke out of the wires, it may not work again. :rolleyes:
Cheers, John

Tnecniv Edipar

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Assuming the bulbs are ok , the switch's may be in the earth side of the connection to the bulbs so check that they are earthing. There may be a fuse in the stop light circuit , if so check it.