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Surviving original owners in north America


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My father Curt Brayer is now 77. He bought his 1954 series "C" Black Shadow in 1955 in Erie Pennsylvania. It had sat on the showroom floor over a year. He still has it. Are there any other original owners in North America???


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My father bought a Shadow in Oct 1954, in Los Angeles. It too sat on the dealer floor awhile, it left the factory in mid 1953. He is still alive, he'll be 84 this year, and a member, although I am not sure how often he views this forum. I have the Shadow, in well used, unrestored condition. He now lives in Sequim, Wash.

This photo shows my father on the left, and the other two gents are still alive and are/were original owners of Red Rapides, from the batch where only the tanks and fenders were red. The man in the middle still has his Rapide, but the one on the right sold it after owning it for only a few years.
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Good trick,
Your profile shows your date of birth as after the outbreak of WW2 (UK Dates) and as I assume that series A production ceased before Neville Chamberlain's declaration, you must have owned it before your birth.


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When it is an A+.

When its parts are not interchangable with those of the factory produced As? I believe yours (if it is as individually engineered as I suspect) has internal differences.

Somewhere south of you is a Yamaha which looks remarkably like a postwar Vincent. Does that make it a Vincent? Are the Irving Vincents series Cs, Ds or Es?



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I think those who know Danny realise he has a (wicked) sense of humour. Robert's dislike of the post was (I hope) tongue in cheek. There was no mention in the original question of "ex factory" Vincents. Someone who bought a "new" Slater or early "real" Egli would also qualify as original owners. In the spirit of this forum please allow some poetic and artistic licence.

Robert Watson

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I can confirm that the following parts an Viny4's Series A came from Vincents, although not necessarily of their manufacture. It will take me a long while to create this list so I hope it's worth it.

Castings and some other bits for the Bramptons (although not for a Series A)
Fuel tank (although not for a Series A)

So although the complete machine has been owned since new --- not all of its parts were.

And yes the dislike was very much tounge in cheek!! as is this.
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