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Stripping Amal 276/289 Carb


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VOC Member
I've got a blockage in the pilot air feed on my twin, and want to get the mixing chamber out to clean everything out. Anyone know how to do this? Does it come out from bottom or top? Or at all? Is it threaded or just a push fit?
Any thoughts appreciated.

Len Matthews

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VOC Member
The jet block comes out from below after removing hexagonal cap. It is wise to warm up the carb body before attempting to remove the jet block. Tap it out gently with a wooden drift. Job done!


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Don't whack it too hard - or you'll distort the jet-block and the hole through it won't be round anymore.

When you've got it out, check that the little holes in the jet-block align with those in the body. They are 'handed' and its amazing how many got mixed-up over the years giving rise to appalling running with symptoms just like a blocked idle-jet....

Peter B
Bristol, UK

Mark Fisher

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Eric, I use hot water to remove the block, it barely needs a tap and the paint is undamged. Use hot water on the body to re-assemble but when you tighten the large nut that holds it all together watch out for distortion. On my carbs if you overtighten the slides will stick.


VOC Assistant Secretary
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Never hit the top of the jet block. It will distort. Screw a long bolt or a length of studding into the main jet hole in the bottom and make up a simple slide hammer with a lead wheel-balance weight.
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