Strange effect on rear wheel rim?


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Take a look at the picture attached and you will see that the area on the rim where the spoke enters has been rubber away and close to it is a white area where the top coat of paint had been removed.
It is like this all the way around the rim.
It is only on one side and only where the spokes that are on the outermost on the chain side.
I first noticed it last year and the marks were about half the size of what you see today.
Over exuberant cleaning was suggested, but I don't think that is it because I don't clean it that often and I tried to make it worse by rubbing hard with a dry cloth and I couldn't.
There is nothing anywhere near the rim which could rub.
Suggestions appreciated.
Regards to all
Peter Sprot


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Paint just doesn't like to hold on to chrome.It needs to be etched.I just mounted a NOS wheel and noticed it was thin in areas.


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Wear Marks

G'day Peter,
Those marks are definitely wear marks. True, paint does have difficulty adhering to chrome or stainless surfaces and will chip or flake off in patches or randomly across the surface.
This is illustrative of something caught on the cycle pats and rubbing that particular area. I note that the red line adjacent and all the other black areas are unaffected. Also it appears that the fine scratch makes are longitudinally around the rim, again dictating that something at some time has caught on the cycle parts and dragged against the rim at that point. Obviously it is not there now.