Stop Quick - can anyone help me with where to get it from?


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Evening All,

I want some Swarfega "Stop Quick" brake and clutch cleaner in a 5 litre container, not the aerosol spray.

I've tried the web, ebay and google all with no joy.

Can anyone put me onto somewhere to get it local to me (nr. Slough) SL postcode or perhaps someone who will ship it by post?

I've emailed the manufacturer - no response.

Thanks in advance.

Oh - and I don't want to try any alternatives thanks - I have been recommended this specific product by two people I trust so want to track down the exact same stuff please - ta.



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Thanks for this - perfect (except price and delivery)

Try here
Check out prices though as the lowest for 500ml I've seen advertised is £2.John

Thanks John, perfect - you located it. Only problem is that it is £8 more expensive that I was told in the Pub at the Aldershot Section and then on top of that they want another £8.50 to deliver it.

I'll keep hoping that someone else manages to post on here where I can get it direct/cheaper - but if not have the fall back of using them.

Many thanks indeed for your help.



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I contacted them - but they didn't reply. Does anyone know what the constituents are?

I've found a number of outlets for this on the net but non in your vicinity , it's a Deb UK Ltd product so I suggest you contact them and ask for an outlet near to you ,

Hi, I contacted them, but they never replied.

"Comma" products did reply and said that their product is made up as follows:

"The Brake cleaner contains the following:around 60% of light petroleum naphtha, some 30% of pro-pan-2-ol and 10%of n-hexane. "

As I have been so positively recommeneded the Stop Quick product I am reluctant to move away from that.

Has anyone a container of Stop Quick and can check the contents against the above make up of the Comma Product?

I can't find any product details of the Stop Quick product on the internet, hence the request.


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Ahhhh well...................

Hi Stuart,
What are you going to use it for and why do you need so much??



Three possible reasons:

1 - Buckfast Tonic Wine is not available!

2 - I'm told my bike will do 200mph on it!

3 - No - actually I was recommended it to use as a cleaning bath to soak/clean all the dissassembled parts from my clutch when I take it apart for inspection as I have a slipping clutch on a hot engine (there's enough free play on the actuating arm). I was also recommended it as a general multi-purpose de-greaser and told it can be re-used - hence make myself up a parts bath, soak and clean and then keep what's left over to use again and again.

I'v now managed to find a local (5 miles) supplier who has it in stock - so I'm off to collect some later today.

Thanks for your interest.



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We use this at work and you can buy it in bulk for use in parts washers. £10 ish for 5L:D


  • Biodegradable non flammable degreaser removes heavy grease and oil from machines, components and floors
    Can be used on a wide range of surfaces including painted plastic, rubber, concrete, asphalt, and metal
    Can be used in all part washers
    Corrosion inhibiting agents prevent oxidation of sensitive metals
    Surfactant blend breaks down the heaviest deposits