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Steering Damper


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Non-VOC Member
Hi Guys
Has anyone got any recommendations regarding steering dampers and brackets for a twin. Just been looking at Tonys grey fella and he says the steering and roadholding has improved massively

Thanks for any comments


Tom Gaynor

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You need brackets for the front head (Mallory Metals, about 5" of 1 1/2" stainless angle, and to fit where the steering damper goes (from a piece of 1/4" ally plate about 4" square), and a Kawasaki type damper. I believe Tony used my bracket designs (which are not not unlike Reg Bolton's designs in either FYO or ATY but easier to make). I probably have sketches of all the bits, so just ask. The biggest single advantage is that tank-slappers need to be stopped the moment (or even before!) they start, and that's what hydraulic dampers do. No worries: you can stress about your mortgage, and forget tank-slappers. One can spend a fortune on seriously expensive ones, which are no more effective than the generic Kaw one. The whole jing-bang should cost no more than about £50. Something important: hydraulic steering dampers are not activated by movement, but by SPEED of movement, exactly like door-closers, so getting zero-slack ones which bite immediately at low speeds might make you feel good, if (or probably because...) £300 worse off, but, practically, are no better than the £35 Kaw unit.
I'll need your personal email.


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Hate to correct the old sage but I think he meant Mallard metal packs Ltd. telephone 0121 624 0302.
Very helpful folk, for all metal materials. John.


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Hi folk's, Reading about the steering dampers, I realise tank slappers are only a problem when you have one, but I am curious to know just how many have actually experienced this phenomenen with a machine with little or no wear in the forks and everything set up properly, the reason I ask , surely if it was happening with new machines how did they ever sell any, I know back in the olden day's men were men and all that tosh but cum'om there were easier and cheaper ways to get thrill even back in the dark ages.


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My two crashes after crossing lanes while hand signalling were with bad steering head bearings, since fixed. I have the kawi damper as insurance.
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