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FF: Forks Steering Damper

Michael Vane-Hunt

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When using the double friction disc on Girdraulics, is the center tab on FF42/2 supposed to fit between the two tabs on the FF24/1?


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Further to the above I have four hydraulic steering damper kits ready for shipping. I notified people on or about the ninth of November and have had no replies. If you are one of the people waiting for a kit then please contact me again on enw07@btinternet.com. If I have not had replies by, say, the middle of January I will feel free to offer them to others. I know that it took a long time to get these ready after the orders were placed and so if you have lost interest there is no problem.
I also have two modified steering stems parcelled up and ready to send. One to David Woodwiss in Australia and one to Andy Bedwell. Once again I have emailed the intended recipients with no reply. If either of these gentlement or anyone who knows them would either let me know if they are still alive or no longer interested it would be helpful. I take no depostis with the orders so no one is going to be out of pocket but, once again, unless someone is ill and expects to recover, I will feel free to offer these kits to other people.
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I cannot disagree with Erik as I use only a hydraulic damper. When I designed my new steering stem I made it as a direct replacement of the original. It uses the same bearings, spindles, and all of the original parts, including the steering damper. I did that because I believed that most owners would demand it.

I would note for those who are not familiar with the steering damper that the 'D" and 'C' dampers are different ( the 'D' having two friction discs) and they are not necessarily interchangeable. They may be interchangeable based on the length of the stem's protrusion from underneath the assembly.

In fact, I did not bother with the friction damper on the taper roller steering stem I made.

DD Steering Stem 17.jpg

I used this stem on the racers that had hydraulic dampers. The stem itself is metric, which allowed me to run metric taper rollers.

I think Norman is providing a real benefit to Vincent owners and I hope that those who have an interest take advantage of his services.


Gary Gittleson

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I am another very satisfied customer of Norman's, having installed his modified steering stem with ball bearings and the hydraulic damper. As was mentioned earlier, the latter requires tapping the hole in the bottom of the steering head. It is a little nerve wracking. I first used a starting tap, then a "plug" tap and finally a bottoming tap. It was a slow process with lots of lube and a quarter turn at a time, backing off a bit to clear the swarf, then another quarter or maybe a half turn etc. Breaking a tap in there would be a nightmare.

Bill Thomas

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There is always the other way of fitting other Hydraulic dampers ?.
Cheers Bill.


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