Stamping inside left crankcase housing

Brian Thompson

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Hello All,
I have finally started on the Rapide engines. Both B series.
On cleaning up engine number 2 crankcases , I found stamped inside the lettering ; 2nd Sample
The engine number is 3 digit starting with 3. After F10 etc .Didn't know if it is advisable to list actual Engine number.
Is that normal?
I didn't check the cases on engine number 1 , but I'll have a look after they come back from the machine shop.
Thank you

John Cone

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There is a thread somewhere on this site that i read a while ago stating that some engine rebuilders have been known to put thier own marks on the inside of cases when a repair had been carrried out.

roy the mechanic

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Most likely I'm wrong, neither the first OR last time, sample number 2 suggests that either a different foundry was used or maybe another machine shop was given a "try-out" . with a motor number in the three hundreds there must still have been some degree of prototyping and snagging going on. Ref Mr Cone, I put on about engraving my name and date inside all motors either overhauled or built by me.